Baby Mama Drama: Rielle Hunter Cheating on John Edwards?


Remember the presidential hopeful with the expensive haircut, John Edwards, and his hippie dippie campaign videographer-cum-mistress, Rielle Hunter? They’ve managed to pretty much stay out of the spotlight since the whole National Enquirer grainy photos, pregnancy cover-up, wife with cancer, baby admission thing. Until now, that is, when the Enquirer pops back into their lives to report that Hunter is cheating on Edwards. Oof.

Of course, grains of salt abound because this publication believes Obama is an alien or something, but here’s the scoop:

The ENQUIRER has learned that the disgraced presidential candidate and his 46-year-old mistress had a major blowout after she traveled to Hollywood recently and tried to look up some famous former boyfriends.

The ex-videographer tried to reach out to Friends hunk Matt LeBlanc and Gross Pointe Blank star John Cusack, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

Cusack, LeBlanc, Edwards — Hunter sure does have a type. And not just because they’re all has-beens bordering on never-was status. Surely the rest of the juicy details are hilarious, but:

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Rielle’s Cheatin’ Heart [National Enquirer]