Washington Heights Is Full of Shit


Washington Heights, the neighborhood in upper Manhattan, finished shittiest in the city’s main borough in a Sanitation Department database of pooper-scooper violations reported today in the New York Post. Smelliest streets include Riverside Drive, Amsterdam Avenue, 179th and 160th. Overall Glendale, Queens had “the most piles of dog doo-doo in the entire city.” The best local paper for picking up the poop? Post it is, according to anonymous Village Voice bloggers.

And the people are pissed!

“The city just stinks,” said Megan Winner, 30, a Washington Heights resident who tries to walk to her job at New York-Presbyterian Hospital without ruining her shoes.

“I can’t enjoy my walk. It’s full of landmines of dog s- -t,” she said.

“I love dogs, but when I see crap on the sidewalk, I don’t see the dog. I see the owner.”

“It’s bad. I have to clean my shoes really regularly to scrape the poop off,” said neighborhood resident Rob Thomas.

Rob Thomas, you say?

The Bronx counted 202 violations last year, good enough for best borough. Thankfully, things are getting cleaner “with 510 poop penalties in the last fiscal year, compared to 580 in 2009 and 909 two years ago.” And at least we’re not Boston!

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