A Report From The Violet Tendencies Premiere Party


That’s the new romantic comedy with The Facts of Life‘s Mindy Cohn as a fruit fly trying to find a suitable partner.

Says writer/costar Jesse Archer:

“Fag hag attendance was off the charts–a 98% chance of hag at that party.

“Even the ones who left for greener straight pastures came back for more that night.

“All the while, the gorgeous actress (Kim Allen) who plays Mindy Cohn’s straight gal bitchy guru Salome was sipping gin and telling me she was also on the make for a ‘fag stag’– of which naturally there were none to be found.

“Oy, the whole party was like masochism on the rocks!!”


But what’s a fag stag?

Kidding. It’s a straight guy who’s extremely gay positive.

Like The Situation! And he’s mine!