French Newspaper Reveals Speculated Al Qaeda Attack: Bombs in Dogs


Attention world: It is not okay to do mean things to cute, furry animals. With that said, it is also not okay to attempt to hurt cute or uncute not-so-furry people by putting bombs within those cute, furry animals. Al Qaeda: We’re talking about you. Parisian daily newspaper Le Figaro reported last Monday on an incident which, according to criminologist Christophe Naudin, occurred two years ago yet was kept a secret by U.S. military officials.

Naudin revealed the cover-up to Le Figaro reporter Jean-Marc Leclerc, stating that U.S. military officials found two dogs loaded with powerful explosives in the cargo area of the Baghdad airport. According to Le Figaro, U.S. intelligence agencies circulated the story as well as photos to other Western agencies, speculating the incident to be the work of Al Qaeda. Citing Naudin’s prior work, Le Figaro noted similar incidences of unmentioned terrorist threats, such as last year’s attempted assassination of Prince Ben Nayef.

Due to poor stitching, the dogs died shortly before takeoff and were removed from the plane. No word was given as to where the flight was headed.

From stuffing humans (or human’s underpants and shoes) with bombs to doing it to stray dogs. Wouldn’t call that a progression, exactly.

[via New York Post]