Mayor Bloomberg Reports His Daughter Is “Fine” After Fall from Horse


Following her recent accident during an equestrian competition, Georgina Bloomberg is in stable condition, the New York Daily News reports . During a show-jumping event in Syracuse this past Saturday, the mayor’s 27-year-old daughter had tumbled from her horse, suffering a concussion and minor spine fracture.

Mayor Bloomberg commented on his daughter’s condition today:

“She is, I think, fine… She’s right now getting an MRI…It’s certainly not life-threatening and hopefully, she’ll be fine.”

During the 50-second event, Bloomberg’s saddle came loose, which caused her to fall during the onset of a jump. She was motionless after falling from her horse, Radio City, but came to as EMTs helped her out of the arena. Previously, Georgina has suffered at least three concussions and has broken her back, collarbone, both wrists, and an ankle. According to her father, she is “bearing up reasonably well.”