Morning Links: First Snow of the Season; Obama Backs India for UN Security Council; Google Honors the X-Ray


• New England (including areas of New York, with snowflake sightings reported in our very own East Village) has gotten its first dose of snow for the year. It’ll be cloudy and in the 40s, with showers, all day long, with wind advisories until 6 p.m. and expected gusts up to 50 mph. Predictably, airport delays are in effect. [Weather]

• President Obama, on a 10-day tour of Asia, spoke in front of India’s parliament to endorse the country’s bid for permanent membership on the United Nations Security Council. [CNN]

• Qantas, Australia’s national airline, which grounded its six double-decker A380 planes after an engine problem forced an emergency landing in Singapore last week, has found oil leaks in three engines on three different planes. They’ll be grounded for 72 more hours, at least. [NPR]

• Amanda Knox, the 23-year-old American in prison in Italy for murdering her former roommate Meredith Kercher (which she denies), will now stand trial on slander charges for claiming she was beaten by police when questioned in 2007 about her roommate’s death. Knox says she was just trying to defende herself. [Yahoo]

• That Google doodle you’ll see on the Google homepage (if you haven’t already) is in homage to the 115th-year anniversary of the X-ray. [PCMag]

• A group of guys at a baby shower in Queens beat up and stabbed a delivery man who was honking his horn to get them to move their cars, which were double-parked. The man is in stable condition. [NYP]

• A hotel for Orthodox Jews has opened in Williamsburg. [NYDN]

• Local Lower East Side blog Bowery Boogie got a redesign. Congrats, guys! [Bowery Boogie]

• Beware of Craigslist apartment rental scams. They happen. [BrickUnderground]