Press Clips: Murderous Monday Feelings


Have you ever received a piece of mail with a tracking number and you know it’s there but everyone keeps passing the buck off to someone else until someone finally says “Oh, it’ll show up in a day or two!”? That just happened to me for the second time. I am going to Fucking. Kill. Someone. Press Clips, Day 18, DeathRage Lunchtime Edition, right here.

Final Thoughts on The Olbermann Down Incident: David Carr’s assessment is spot-on. Also, it’s great that Glenn Greenwald has respect for Chris Hayes not taking Olbermann’s chair Friday night, and yes, his political donations were made a while back, but Hayes’ decision to throw his name in the mix and then pull was all spin, well-spun at that. He’s good enough to be considered for the gig, so his name gets mouths moving. And then the donation thing comes out, which has no technical binding on his hosting ability, but throws MSNBC’s position into flux ever so slightly — Can you prove yourself to be non-partisan now even though you haven’t in the past? — enough to create a small problem for them and to get people looking into Hayes even further. Meanwhile, Hayes doesn’t want to upset MSNBC or get on Keith Olbermann’s “bad side” and look like he doesn’t kiss the ring, sir, so he conveniently pulls out because he “doesn’t feel comfortable,” this appeasing literally every party involved and some who aren’t (like Greenwald). Meanwhile, Brian Stelter — who I have a great amount of respect for, but sorry, shots — is basically posting whatever MSNBC spokesdick Jeremy Gaines calls into him and Bill Carter. The worst part is that Olbermann’s going back and MSNBC only knows what it is less than it did before. That was fun, everyone.

Greg Mitchell? More Like Greg Bitchell. Or Greg Kvetchell. Or whatever you want to call the old, cranky, former Editor & Publisher sage who is quickly becoming a real-life iteration of Cranky Kaplan minus the Segway and the “Yoga Girls.” Moe Tkacik at WCP/Das Krapital rounded up the six kinds of Greg Mitchell Tweets about Keith Olbermann, and it is perfect, it is so perfect in how I feel about Greg Mitchell’s tenure so far as a media columnist. The only person more annoying than him is me, and the only person more annoying than me is…

Jay Rosen Gives David Carr Unsolicited Editorial Advice. Editorial Slaves of America, is there anything more irritating and bloodrage-inducing — besides losing a package for the second time in your office when everyone keeps passing off culpability to one another repeatedly and the fact that you feel like you are being distinctly toyed with as an existential “challenge,” or Greg Mitchell’s Tweets — than this?

You know who I want edits from? My editors. Or people from whom I ask. Not professors-cum-pundits whose unilateral advocacy of “new media journalism” or whatever they’re calling it these days, who are paid to keep moneyed children — or children moneyed by banks soon to be sacked with unbeatable debt — out of the workforce anywhere from three to four years longer than they need to be. Here’s an edit for Rosen’s Twitter: STET the ‘fuck outta here with that noise.

David Carr Needs a New Nameplate.: First sentences like “David Carr, a former crackhead and current columnist for The New York Times” is why you should never agree to get profiled, ever. Also see “LIKE MOST dudes his age, 26-year-old Foster Kamer has a thing for dick jokes.” These are the things which will first be looked to for cheap and easy eulogies. To be fair, it’s a great profile of Carr. While we’re at it….

Marc Ambinder: You Pussy. We should court-martial guys who do this.

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More later. I’ve got a tracking number to pin to someone’s face. Thank you for your continued support of Press Clips.