Queen Joins Facebook, the “Final Frontier” of Digital Technology


At long last, the Queen of England has a Facebook page. Well, actually, it’s the entire “official British Monarchy” page, which went live this morning and allows you to receive thrilling updates from the British family if you “like” it. Similar to England itself, the page represents dueling forces of modernity and history, the effect of which is…we’re sorry to say…a bit dullsville.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually become friends with the Queen, or even Prince Harry, and you can’t poke anybody, and you certainly can’t ask the interesting questions, like why the Queen never sweats or when Prince William is actually getting married. In fact, it’s a glorified PR page. But that didn’t stop 41,000 Facebookers from liking it an hour into its launch.

You can, however, look at pictures of various British royals and examine the royal coat of arms. Whee.

The Telegraph reports that “the new Facebook page has been described as ‘the final frontier’ of the Queen’s foray into digital technology,” which does, indeed, seem worrisome. Then again, does the Queen actually need to tweet?

At her current fan count of nearly 82,000 fans (at the time of this post), the Queen is already far more popular than, say, Dusty Springfield (24,395), but has a ways to go to beat Conan O’Brien (288,892), and, of course, Lady Gaga (22,056,847).