Revd Up Pi to Deliver More Healthy Pizza, Starting Tomorrow


Just when you thought the city had reached its quota of healthy pizza joints, the awkwardly named Revd Up Pi announces its debut tomorrow at 451 Third Avenue in Murray Hill. The angle here is eco-friendliness, with a storefront facade made of recycled Heineken bottles and chairs inside made of old Coke bottles. (Note: No actual Coke will be served — they’ve opted for “all-natural” sodas instead.)

What will be served are pies with only 170 calories a slice, compared with Sbarro’s 460-calorie slice. Plus, the crust and sauce are enriched with fiber, and you can add one of three “Revvers” to your order — essentially a line of energizing and “slenderizing” supplements. As an opening-day offer, Revd will be giving away the first 1,000 slices for free.

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