The Health Department’s Anti-Salt Ads Are Nowhere Near as Disgusting as the Health Department’s Anti-Soda Ads


The Health Department today unveiled its new campaign to “urge consumers to compare labels and choose foods with less sodium.” Sodium, the department cautions, can lead to heart attack, stroke, and a variety of cardiovascular problems. So the two-month campaign will endeavor to boost public awareness through posters such as the one above, which will be plastered throughout the subway system.

Notably, the posters depict processed foods instead of those made in restaurant kitchens, distancing the campaign from earlier, deranged rhetoric emanating from certain New York politicians. Also notably, they feature salty foods purchased by grown-ups who have some say in their diets instead of the sodium-packed school lunches fed to many of the city’s children.

On a purely aesthetic level, we’re a little disappointed that the posters don’t pack quite the same visceral punch as the Health Department’s memorably vile anti-soda ads. Looking at this image of chicken soup makes us think of Vermont ski slopes or the strange bedfellows made by poultry products and cocaine, but not the dangers of sodium. Come to think of it, we can’t remember the last time that salt has been so attractively backlit.

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