U.S. Travelers Will No Longer Be Able to Travel With Their Favorite Large Ink Cartridges


Well, this is going to put a damper on things. According to the latest air cargo security regulations (following reports of suspicious packages found on UPS planes en route from Yemen to Chicago, which turned out to contain explosives), airline passengers will no longer be allowed to keep large toner or ink cartridges in their luggage, or, for that matter, to carry them on. Hear that, traveling printer supply salesmen?

Really, though, if you’re traveling with large ink cartridges, perhaps you should be staying at home. Unless you work for Staples (sorry, guys). So, while this new regulation won’t likely bother the majority of people as much as does a limit on the size of sunscreen, it’s yet another thing you’ll have to show you don’t have in airport security.

Keep in mind, for further safety, full body scanners — now at New York City airports! — will detect whether anyone has tried anything funny with an office supply on his or her person.

Per CNN, there’s also an indefinite ban on cargo from Yemen, with the embargo extending to cargo from Somalia, and cargo airlines will be asked for earlier access to their manifests, the Department of Homeland Security announced.

Traveling with teddy bears and neck pillows are still okay…for the moment.