Greenpoint Woman Narrowly Escapes Being Devoured by Sidewalk


Philippa Kaye, a Greenpoint resident, faced a reality that is the stuff of nightmares (not ours, we’re not that screwed up) this weekend as she innocently passed Flatbush and Fifth Avenues to view the New York City marathon. That’s when she “encountered a hole in the sidewalk so massive it swallowed her whole,” reports the Brooklyn Paper. As you can see from the photo at right.

The hole was about three-and-a-half-feet deep, meaning it consumed poor Ms. Kaye up to the waist of her puffy green jacket. At that point, she paused and gave the photographer her best “WTF, I’m stuck in a hole up to my puffy green jacket!” look.

Seriously, though, the photo was taken after the fact (or at least we’ll give it the credit for so being), and we’ll also give Kaye about a million courage-props for actually shimmying all the way into the hole for her photo op. Imagine the ickies that must live down there!

Thankfully, with Kaye and the Brooklyn Paper drawing attention to this horror — which might have enveloped lord only knows how many people paying absolutely no attention or who were really, really small, or possibly blind — inspectors were dispatched to the scene, and today, a repair crew got to work fixing it.

So that’s one less thing to worry about.