Hot Bread Kitchen’s HBK Incubates Will Help You Grow Your Food Business


Hot Bread Kitchen began its life as a nonprofit bakery with a mission to create opportunities for low-income women and their families. In the three years since Jessamyn Waldman founded it, the bakery’s product line and list of retailers has grown — earlier this year, we were particularly excited to see it had opened a booth at the Union Square Greenmarket. Now, as Hot Bread Kitchen plans to move its operations to East Harlem’s La Marqueta, it’s also preparing to launch HBK Incubates, a food business incubator program.

The bakery’s newest program was designed to create a place for entrepreneurs to get their food businesses off the ground: In addition to rental space in a 2,300-square-foot commercial kitchen, it will provide assistance in developing and scaling recipes; workshops about financial planning, marketing, and product design; and networking and partnership opportunities.

Anyone interested in applying to the incubator program can attend a November 15 information session at La Marqueta (1607 Park Avenue) from 7 to 8:30 p.m.; further information can also be found on the HBK website.