Memphis Has the Dumbest and Ugliest People in America


The city, not the Broadway show.

According to a survey on, which rated 35 cities, Memphis came in dead last for both “Attractive People” and “Intelligent People,” though it came in first for “BBQ”.

Gosh, you’d think if the folk are hideous, at least they’d be smart — and vice versa. But no!

Well, I’ve been to Memphis — to see Graceland, which is the only reason any sensible person would be there.

It’s truly a depressed place, a hollow shell of what it used to be, clinging to life only because Elvis’s glitzy living habits have been enshrined for tourists who scrape their coins together to worship at his toilet bowl.

This survey will be another kick in its faded butt — though, again, the BBQ is tops.

By the way, Charleston won for the attractive honors and Portland, Oregon, nabbed top prize for intelligence.

New York City shockingly didn’t come in in the top five for either of those!

But, hey, we’re number one for “Stylish People” and “Ethnic Food.”