Morning Links: Obama Visits Indonesia; Bush Defends Waterboarding; Marathon Runners in Time-Lapse (Video)


• President Obama is in Indonesia, where as a boy they called him Barry during his four years there. On Wednesday, he’s scheduled to speak at the University of Indonesia “as part of [his] continuing outreach to the Muslim world,” though his stay in the country may be cut short by the continued eruptions of Mount Merapi. Next stop: Seoul. [NYT, WP]

• Artwork considered by the Nazis to be “degenerate” and believed lost or destroyed after the war has been discovered in a dig to create a new subway line in Berlin. Ten of the sculptures will go on display today in Berlin’s Neues Museum. [Yahoo]

• Elizabeth Smart continues her testimony in the trial of her captor of 9 months, Brian David Mitchell, who allegedly had planned for months how he would kidnap her. [CNN]

• George W. Bush defends invading Iraq (regardless of WMDs) and waterboarding in his new book, Decision Points. [NPR]

• Jurors are talking about the horrible Connecticut home invasion murder case for which they handed down the death penalty to Steven Hayes yesterday. They said they were “certain of it and unified” that “if there was ever a case in which the death penalty was appropriate, the Cheshire case was it.” [NYT]

• Crime in New York is up this year, reports the NYPD. Murder throughout the city is up 15 percent, rape is also up 15 percent, and robberies are up more than 5 percent. The good news: burglaries and grand larcenies are down. [NY1]

• Georgina Bloomberg says she’s ready to ride again after her fall off a horse this weekend. [NYDN]

• Humans look like streaming, glittering precious stones in this cool time-lapse video of marathoners crossing the Verazzano Narrows Bridge Bridge on Sunday. (The music could use some help, though.) [Pat’s Papers]