Park Slope Shopkeeper Opens Trash Can of Whoopass on Would-be Robber


Maybe it’s due to crime spikes recently noted by the NYPD (robbery is up more than 5 percent from this time last year), but we’re also noticing something of a spike in badass. That is to say, people fighting back against their would-be muggers and robbers with a renewed sense of fury, like all of a sudden we’re in some great big WWE match.

Last week, for example, there was the East Village woman at the Chase ATM who “beat the shit” out of her wannabe attacker, who ended up leaving on a stretcher, in handcuffs.

And today we have Park Slope shopkeeper Mohammed Esa, who used a trash can to do battle with a knife-wielding man who attempted to take cash from his till.

The New York Post reports that the thief only managed to get about $20 in singles before Esa jammed the register shut, threw the trash can aside, and took up a metal pole, the better to beat his crook with. The suspect fled in a green 2009 Ford F-250 pickup, likely rueing the day he chose the New Star Tobacco Smoke Shop.

Esa finished his shift. Yep. Badass.

However…this in no way is to say that if you don’t fight back against your mugger there’s anything wrong with you. In fact, we fully support the “cowering and handing over” philosophy, the better to save our lives with, or so we’ve heard. The beating up, though — well, that is far more fun to write about.