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Pee-wee Herman Irked His L.A. Fans


My new best friend Pee-wee Herman inadvertently ticked off some of his La-La-land supporters when he moved his show (the same one that’s now on Broadway) to a larger theater.

A pretty major comic tells me that he had bought second-row seats to see Pee-wee’s show when it was announced for a cozy theater in L.A.

But when the ticket-buying response was unexpectedly enormous, the show was moved instead to a gigantic space and those who had bought tickets were told:

(A) Your seats will not be quite so good anymore.

(B) You have to notify us to confirm them.

Instead, the comic canceled his tickets in a huff.

But it’s hard to be mad at someone for being successful–especially after all Pee-wee’s gone through!

The man is on fire!

Will you see him in New York?