Tonight’s CB2 Meeting Will Be an Eventful One For the No. 7 Crew


Although No. 7’s Matthew Maddy tried to dispel their fears, neighbors of 168 Elizabeth Street apparently still believe that he’s planning to open a beer garden there. In July, the CB2 board unanimously rejected Maddy’s first license application for the space, citing the fact that the basement wasn’t permitted to house the 25-seat restaurant Maddy was planning.

Maddy will try again at tonight’s CB2 meeting, but flyers posted throughout the neighborhood suggest he’ll have his work cut out for him; per Eater, they urge residents to “speak out against a beer garden” and “say no once and for all to a business that is not in the best interest of our community!!!”

At least the Tribeca community board was a little more forgiving: Next week, Maddy and Kathryn Weatherup will open the second location of Weather Up on Duane Street, complete with ice harvested on the premises.