Alec Baldwin Won’t Run For Congress…Yet


Here is a dash of sad news for those of us who dream of holding up “Jack Donaghey 2012!” posters and getting to someday shake hands with campaign manager Kenneth and/or a cardboard cutout of Tracy Morgan. Alec Baldwin’s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik has said that, despite rumors that the omnipotent Baldwin bro might make a bid for Congress in two years if New York Rep. Tim Bishop (D) — whose race against Randy Altschuler is in recounts still too close to call — loses, the answer is no. For now.

“Alec is, like many other Democrats, still hoping Tim Bishop will be declared the winner,” Hiltzik said, reports the Observer. “Alec is interested in politics and public service but now is not the time.”

Still, a lot can change in two years. I mean, who even remembers that rant against his own daughter or the fact that he was once married to Kim Basinger or The Adventures of Pluto Nash?

Talent has a way of finding its home.