Giant, Inflatable Rat No Longer On-Trend for NYC Union Protests


You know something has reached a peak of public saturation when it becomes a Halloween costume, and let’s just say we ran into a lot of bedbugs this year (maybe we even were one.) And now we find, via, that everybody’s favorite giant, inflatable union rat is getting kicked to the curb by a newer model of pestilence and evil-doing. A giant, inflatable bedbug.

By way of this extra-large balloon animal, angry workers are protesting the metaphorical (not actual) bloodsucking of the “bedbugs” (a/k/a employers) at the currently, actually bedbug-free Affinia Hotel in midtown for not paying them union wages.

And with that single maneuver, bedbugs are officially “more horrible” than rats, and wow, WE ARE IN A MOMENT, PEOPLE.