Never mind that by today’s standards he just looks like many of our Williamsburg neighbors. In 1980’s Maniac, Joe Spinell was the very incarnation of a creeper. As the psychotic Frank Zito, he had it all: machetes, mommy issues, and a thoroughly unsettling mannequin fetish. No wonder it was one of the only movies that critic Gene Siskel ever got up and walked out of. Now the disturbing New York-set slasher film, which is still banned in Germany and England, is back with all the same gratuitous gore, enhanced on a crisp new 35mm print to really bring out the, um, splatter. It will screen tonight and tomorrow with director Bill Lustig in attendance to introduce the movie and answer audience questions about his infamous work. And believe us, you’ll have more than a few.

Sat., Nov. 20, midnight, 2010