Hugh Hefner May Have to Downsize to Single-D Life


Bad days! Hugh Hefner, once the epitome of masculine opulence and virility, may need to sell off the (in)famous Playboy mansion to keep hold of his company. Not only does he need to raise $115 million to pay investors who will likely demand payment of their convertible bonds in March 2012, his board is also facing pressure “via a $6.24-per-share buyout offer from investor Marc Bell, owner of Penthouse,” reports the New York Post.

The mansion compound, standing at about 22 thousand square feet, is a Los Angeles icon, which everyone knows from a single episode of MTV Cribs. One of his girlfriends once fed a spider monkey in a sparkly bra! There must be historical value in that!

In other signs that point to the end of a very long era: At 84, Hef has downscaled to but one girlfriend, 24-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris. Well, the good old days couldn’t last forever, even with Viagra.