La Esquina Will Spawn a New Location in Williamsburg’s Relish Diner


Less than four months after Williamsburg’s Relish Diner closed up shop, the chrome railroad car has a new tenant: According to NYC (and confirmed by Grub Street), it’s been taken over by the La Esquina team. They plan to turn it into a “Mexican beer garden” by the spring, with Akhtar Nawab in charge of the kitchen.

Given that the Relish space boasts one of the nicest gardens in the neighborhood, and that Williamsburg is at this point basically indistinguishable from Manhattan, this seems like an excellent fit. Particularly for the residents of the faceless condos lining the riverfront a mere block away, who will no doubt be delighted to save their subway fare. Whether fans of La Superior, located a mere five blocks away, will be equally delighted remains to be seen.