Morning Links: California “Mystery Missile” Probably a Plane; Cruise Trip Really Blows; Yorkie Saves Self


• There’s still no definitive word on what caused a “mysterious vapor trail” sighted off of Southern California on Monday night. The Pentagon doesn’t believe it’s a missile launch, and Navy and Air Force officials say they didn’t launch a missile Monday night. It could be an optical illusion. But the working theory, apparently, is that it was just an airplane. We can all go back to work now. [ABC]

• President Obama is leaving Indonesia early due to the eruptions of Mount Merapi. Some international airlines have also canceled flights out of a concern for air safety. [WSJ]

• One of the fountains at the 9/11 Memorial was tested for the first time yesterday. [NYP]

• Fox 5 TV reporter Charles Leaf, who’s accused in New Jersey of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl, now faces a charge of possession of child pornography. On Tuesday, Leaf pleaded not guilty at a court hearing. [NBC NY]

• 32 New York City Catholic schools may close next year to help “reallocate” resources. [NYT]

• Passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor, which was 200 miles off of San Diego en route to the Mexican Riviera when an engine fire killed its power, are not having a very good vacation — surviving on Spam instead of enjoying all-you-can-eat buffets as they are towed back to San Diego. Serves ’em right for taking a cruise. Kidding! [NPR]

• Holiday lights are now up on Orchard Street. [Bowery Boogie]

• A courageous Staten Island Yorkie has saved itself from a dognapping by wriggling in her captor’s purse! [SiLive]