Feeling lucky? Well, you’ll need more than that if you’re one of the 9,000 ticket holders with access to Bob Dylan’s small three-night stint, which ends tonight. Whether he’s butchering “Maggie’s Farm” into some sort of reproductively unfathomable tangle (Maggie’s ma is not 21!), or playing indistinguishable Modern Times country-cana jamboree until his and your 10-gallon hats wilt, the Greatest American Poet to Also Shill for Victoria’s Secret treads dangerously and reliably in disappointing concert experiences. What could live up to his insurmountable, eloquent, generation-defining folk catalog? Actually playing some more of it. But here lies his real genius: Sometimes, he actually does. Sometimes, he does give the people what they want, as counterintuitive as that may be to him, and it’s a spectacular experience. Hopefully, some New Yorkers will hear just that.

Nov. 22-24, 7 p.m., 2010