Wheelchair-Bound Man Totally Schools Store Robber (Video!)


Yesterday we mentioned that civilians seem to have kind of had it with crime. An East Village woman beat her attempted mugger up at an ATM; a Park Slope shopkeeper warded off his store’s thief with a heavy-duty wastebasket. Now, take this group of stalwart Vancouver residents, including one who is wheelchair-bound — who bonded together to fight off the attempted robbery of a Food Stop.

Here’s the local news report from a Canadian TV station, which includes surveillance video from the incident.

Heartwarming, no? As Larry Skopnik, the man in the wheelchair — the one who, obviously, is the MOST AWESOME, with the best headlock moves — put it, “Just because I’m in a chair doesn’t mean I can’t stand up and do what’s right. Even though I can’t stand up.” Hear, hear.

New Yorkers — take note. A “Caution: Wet Floors” sign can be used as a weapon, but only when absolutely necessary. Please, behave responsibly, all.