Aureole Courts a ‘C’ Grade and Serves ‘Mercilessly Tough’ Pork Loin


Although a number of “C”-graded restaurants have been trying to hide their lackluster marks, Aureole had no such luck obscuring their C-level DOH inspection from Eater, who noticed that Charlie Palmer’s fancy-pants Times Square restaurant racked up 29 points during a visit on Tuesday. Tobacco use, “inadequate” personal cleanliness, lack of “effective hair restraint,” and failure to protect food from contamination were some of the restaurant’s sins, which it will have 18 days to remedy before being inspected again.

To add insult to injury, Serious Eats‘ Nick Solares today writes of his seriously underwhelming lunch at the restaurant, which was compromised by a “mercilessly tough” pork loin. “I would be hard-pressed to recommend Aureole for lunch,” he writes, “when one can get do [sic] better for less money.” And, one assumes, more effective hair restraints.