Bernie Madoff’s Boxers Could Be Yours, If You Are Weird and Creepy


If “weird and creepy,” or, “historically intrigued,” or, “needing some new underwear” happen to fit you, you should crack open your piggy banks for Saturday’s auction of Bernie (and Ruth) Madoff’s duds — not just boxers but art, furniture, glasswear, jewelry, even a piano and a Judith Lieber handbag — which starts at 10 a.m. at Manhattan’s Sheraton Hotel and Towers.

There’s a catalog of goodies at the auction site…and if you’re really interested you can get a live preview on Friday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

One auctioneer (in this ABC News report) considers the Madoff name like “Gucci or Versace,” and while we find that a bit of a stretch, considering that the proceeds go to Madoff’s victims, we sure hope someone has their heart set on a pair of status undies (Ruth’s Prada pantyhose are up for grabs, too!) or the Madoff’s old humidifier. Seriously, it’s a steal, listed at $210-320.

Auctioneers expect the sale to bring in at least $1.5 million, reports the Daily News.