Dans Le Noir? Will Court Tourists, Team Building


Following flirtations with both Soho and the Lower East Side, Dans Le Noir?, it was revealed last month, began getting serious with Tribeca. The Tribeca Citizen attended last night’s CB1 meeting and emerged with some more details about what the first New York outpost of France’s dining-in-the-dark concept chain will entail. Among them: The dining room will have 98 seats and communal tables, and not allow children under 15, presumably to avoid the untold opportunities to literally sneak wine out from under parental noses.

There will also be panic buttons that will turn on all of the lights in the case of emergency, infrared cameras, and a $65 prix-fixe menu. Lest you think this is all designed to appeal to some sort of New York sensibility, think again — reps told the board they expect their clientele to be 40 percent tourists. Another percentage will be business folk — apparently Dans Le Noir? will be open during the day for corporate events like team building. As one meeting attendee reportedly said before the restaurant won approval for its liquor license, “We’re not voting on whether it’s strange or not.”