Google Street View Helps Bust Drug Dealers Selling to “Hipsters and Other Dope Fiends”


Seven alleged drug dealers were busted in Brooklyn yesterday for brazenly peddling heroin and crack in open view. Police say the suspects were caught following a four-month investigation that included an undercover sting and — yes, seriously — a Google street-view map that caught three of the suspects “working their favorite corner,” the New York Post reports.

According to the Post, three of the suspects were caught “milling about’ in front of an East Williamsburg bodega where they were selling drugs “to hipsters and other dope fiends.” (Because hipsters are clearly just one sort of dope fiend.)

The suspects, identified as Shaundell Dade, Jamel Pringle, and Jonathan Paulino, were three of seven dealers arrested yesterday. Prosecutors said six of the suspects were “indicted on multiple counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance” and that the seventh will be charged and arraigned in court, the Post says.

The Daily News says authorities say cops disguised as hipsters (come on, that’s funny) made the bust after purchasing $10 envelopes of heroin, using surveillance videos, and finding a stash of drugs kept in a magnetic lockbox hidden behind the bodega’s storefront sign. The dealers sometimes took cops into the bodegas to give them drugs, and police also found glassines of heroin, marijuana, and a “packaging laboratory that included envelopes, scales and stamps” in one of the defendant’s apartments.