Greil Marcus, D.A. Pennebaker, and John Wesley Harding Will All Be At The 14th Street Y on December 5, Talking About Bob Dylan


Next May will mark Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. Expect an absolute flood of books (we’d be remiss for not mentioning our pal David Yaffe’s Bob Dylan: Like a Complete Unknown, which comes out that month), panels, symposiums, tribute shows, and the like. In fact, a bunch of this stuff is already underway, most notably with “What Kind of Love is This: Bob Dylan and the Band,” a 14th Street Y-promoted symposium on Dylan’s the Band years with a veritable murderers row of Dylan affiliates: frequent biographer and critic Greil Marcus; Don’t Look Back director D.A. Pennebaker; musical acolyte John Wesley Harding; and the Fiery Furnaces’s Matt Friedberger, among others. That’s Sunday, December 5th; tickets, which are not exactly cheap, are on sale now. Later that same night, Le Poisson Rogue will host a concert under the same banner, featuring Steven Bernstein, John Medeski, Rob Burger, Tony Scherr, Kenny Wollesen, Jolie Holland, Laura Cantrell, Nicole Atkins, and some of the musicians from the earlier panel. It’s a good way to cap Dylan’s three-night November run at Terminal 5, which if recent evidence is any guide, will look something like this:

If you can recognize immediately what song he’s playing in the above clip, you are a better man than I. Still, for 69, this man is a champion. Get ready to hear a lot more about that fact in the coming months.

Bob Dylan and the Band: What Kind of Love is This? [14th Street Y]