New York Has a Mystery “Missile,” Too!


Remember that mysterious vapor trail that appeared over L.A. on Monday? The one that set off speculation about UFOs or an enemy missile attack that nobody (not even the Pentagon) could immediately explain? Well, now New York has one too! (Of course we do.) The New York Post says a local photographer snapped a similar scene from Far Rockaway yesterday afternoon.

The photographer, Juan Rodriguez, told the Post it didn’t look like the usual contrails left by planes from JFK, but that it “looked like a rocket,” and appeared to be over Brooklyn or New Jersey.

On Tuesday, a news helicopter caught video of a similar image about 35 miles west of Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean. Military organizations dismissed theories that the West Coast vapor trail was caused by a foreign missile launch but spent three days trying to track down the cause of the strange sighting. The Pentagon has since closed the case, and the official line is that it was merely a plane’s condensation trail, distorted by the angle of the news chopper’s videotape.

No word yet on what the cause of the Queens “missile” is, or whether authorities are investigating. In the meantime, you might want to brush up on those duck and cover skills.