The A-List Guys Need to Defend Themselves Better


In this week’s column, I wrote about the A List: New York cast members being ambushed on a chat show by a drag queen who greeted them with, “People hate y’all.”

And they pretty much squirmed and sputtered their response!

Granted, they were probably surprised to be attacked on a show where they must have thought they were going on as friends.

But they need to be a little more polished in defending themselves without a script.

One of the guys did say that they were six weeks into shooting when they found out the show’s title, which they’re now stuck with, so that’s not their fault.

Another did say that they’re not trying to represent all gays.

That was a good start, but the A-List-ers should have a few more arguments up their Gucci sleeves in case future attacks happen.

And they will. As one of them remarked, “I wake up to tons of hate mail.”