Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Bakery Desserts in NYC


With Thanksgiving a mere two weeks away and the weather finally cold enough to enable the unfettered consumption of baked goods, our thoughts have lately been inclined toward both sugar and unabashed indulgence. Tomorrow we’ll attempt to streamline the two into a roundup of our 10 favorite bakery desserts.

By “bakery,” we mean just that — not a coffeehouse with nice pastries or a sandwich shop with a few croissants. And by “dessert” we don’t mean muffins, scones, croissants, or anything that could qualify as breakfast (although having eaten our share of cake for breakfast, we’re aware of the gossamer-thin line we’re treading). We mean dessert, the kind that you were taught to eat only after dinner, the kind that’s been driving the contestants on Top Chef: Just Desserts all sorts of crazy, the kind that your dentist and Michelle Obama warned you about. Tune in tomorrow for our picks, and, as always, feel free to leave your own.

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