Adorable Animals in Trouble Presents: Two Dogs, One (Very Special) Cat


Continuing in today’s cat (and, to a lesser extent, “fur“) trend, we would like to present you with three amazing videos that present a triumvirate of adorable animals in various stages of trouble (not to worry, these all end happily. As any good adorable animal in trouble video should.) We were feeling pretty cranky about those crappy Williamsburg Camel cigarettes, but these fixed us right up. Yay. Also, it’s Friday.

Here is a dog who has mistaken himself for an elephant.

Here we have a teeny-tiny baby dog attempting to get down the stairs, adorably.

And last, but not least, a new Maru video (you may know him as the fat, fluffy, funny Japanese cat). Watch him fit himself into many various sized boxes!

Thanks, @LisaNaomi, @ShefaliKulkarni, and @VoiceStreet!