Autobrennt, One Step Beyond, Funk Galaktik, and Lindstrom Headline Your Weekend In Nightlife


These next two days bring a whole lot of dance music and a little bit of rap. Behold, your weekend in nightlife.


Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Party: Autobrennt
DJs: Prince Language & Slow Hands
Highlights: Rivington Hotel’s penthouse is one of our favorites, and tonight, the DJs provide a soundtrack of deep house, funk, disco, and down-tempo dance music to accompany the view. The cover is cheap, but expect a dress code and spendy drinks for this weekend-night party.
Details: Hotel Rivington. 107 Rivington St. $5

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Party: The Raid
DJs: Cousin Cole & Scott Matelic
Highlights: Guess what? I’m biased on this one. After a brief hiatus (thanks to a certain venue’s “rap ban”), the party hops across the bridge to the Lower East Side. I’ll be there, hosting, dancing, and requesting Dipset. Otherwise, expect the DJs to play a bunch of rock, funk, new jack swing, and you know, more rap…. because they can.
Details: Gallery Bar (downstairs). 120 Orchard St. No cover.

Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Party: One Step Beyond
DJs: Spoek Mathambo, Rainbow Arabia
Highlights: Setting is key for the Fader’s monthly soiree. The concert features the electro-infused political rapping of South African musician Spoek Mathambo and tropical dance duet Rainbow Arabia. Between sets, sip on some wine and roam around the museum’s space exhibit. Learning!
Details: American Museum of Natural History. $25 (includes return trip).

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: The Bunker
DJs: 19.454., Jacek Sienkiewicz, Eric Cloutier
Highlights: No one knows a whole lot about 19.454. except that he’s put out a few awesome records on Horizontal Ground and has a penchant for Chicago and Detroit house. Expect some techno from Poland’s Jacek Sienkiewicz.
Details: Public Assembly. $20

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Party: S.O.U.P / Ask Somebody
DJs: Davidson Ospina, Oscar P, AB Logic, Chris Love
Highlights: “Supporting Our Underground Properly” is the theme of this tiny back room party. You’ll have to battle your way through a secret door (behind some boxes of Corona), but the end result will reveal tech house, soul, old-school funk, and rare disco in a basement with strobe lights. Recommended for those who want a laid back night out on the LES.
Details: Stay, $5


Neighborhood: East Village
Party: Happy Hour
DJs: Zach Baron, Rx
Highlights: SOTC’s very own Zach Baron plays music he actually likes: Rap music! Please don’t engage him in conversation and just get drunk.
Details: Heathers, 7 – 10pm

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Party: Fixed
DJs: Lindstrom, JDH, Dave P
Highlights: The Norwegian maestro of space disco headlines Fixed’s six-year anniversary party as part of a tour for the recently released Real Life Is No Cool. Don’t expect any house bangers from this down-tempo DJ, but do expect a slew of far-out, left-field disco. Stand in the corner and zone out, dudes.
Details: Le Poisson Rouge. 58 Bleecker St. $15

Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Party: Discovery
DJs: DJ Spun, Snack N Cmish
Highlights: When this group gets together, it’s guaranteed fun. Expect a loft party somewhere in Bushwick with an all-vinyl mix of disco, house, funk, and soul. The people in attendance will be sweaty and dancey, so be prepared to do the same. Likely to go well into the after hours as well.
Details: TBA with RSVP.

Neighborhood: Brooklyn TBA
Party: Funk Galaktik
DJs: Tony Humphries, Audio Soul Project, Tyrone Francis
Highlights: Warehouse party featuring the uptempo soul and deep, funky house stylings of tonight’s lineup. The last one of these went well into the after hours and featured more old-school house heads that had come out of hiding. Afro-funk, r&b, and jazz make an appearance as well.
Details: TBA, $15 with RSVP

Neighborhood: Chinatown
Party: No Ordinary Monkey
DJs: Rub N Tug
Highlights: Hidden in the back of a dim sum restaurant, house maestros Rub N Tug headline this infamous pop-up party. The place has a disco ball for good measure, but the highlight is a healthy mix of classic house, soul, cosmic disco, garage, and even punk.
Details: 88 Palace, $10