Conan’s Show Is Like All the Others


As the linked article states, it took months for Conan O’Brien to launch his new talk show on TBS, and then it turned out to be just like everyone else’s, format-wise.

Monologue, house band, actors, skits, musical guest.

That’s been the talk-show template since the beginning of time, and Conan isn’t going to tamper with it by introducing anything revolutionary.

But as I’m quoted saying in the piece, if you mess with this formula, you’re generally kicked to TV purgatory.

It gives people comfort. It provides them with a sampler plate of entertainment. And if they don’t like one guest, there’ll be another one soon enough.

So Conan has stayed true to the format, drawing in a lot of young viewers via the regularity they can expect as filtered through his his quirky sensibility (though his numbers went from 4.1-plus million on Monday to 2.7 on Wednesday).

And I’m sure he’ll tweak and experiment a little bit with time to keeps things fresh.

But mostly, this is the one TV star that will be faithful!