Facebook to Introduce “Gmail Killer” Email


Facebook is the place for your friends, your farms…and starting soon, it will be the place for your email. According to TechCrunch, the email client is expected to be announced on Monday during a special event Mark Zuckerberg is hosting in California.

Details on the new service are sketchy, but it sounds like users will get “” addresses, and that there might be group chat options. The email function, which FB employees apparently call a “gmail killer,” raises some concerns about privacy, however.

As PC World points out:

Using Facebook for Webmail would put even more of your data in the hands of the social network. And the company would almost certainly mine your messages for keywords to better target advertising at you, similar to what Google’s Gmail does now.

Facebook let the surprise details of their announcement loose with a revealing party invite. (At right; click to enlarge.)

People talk a lot about Google taking over your life, but with this move, Facebook seems ready to do battle for “Overlord of the Internet” status. By adding email to a site that already features games, instant messaging, wallposts, private messaging, and all the stalking-your-ex (presuming he/she is on Facebook) facilities you ever need, you have almost no excuse to ever leave. Which fits in pretty much perfectly with the “Facebook acting as a passport to the web” idea that Zuckerberg explained to the New Yorker earlier this year.