Laurence Harvey: An Actress’s Best Friend


Thin, dry, and sexy, 1960s British actor Laurence Harvey may be best remembered as the guy who helped various actresses to Oscar glory.

Something about his minimal acting and sardonic presence obviously encouraged his female co-stars’ rise to golden heights of achievement.

Harvey was the social climber who dumped Simone Signoret in Room at the Top, which was fine because she won an Oscar for her pain.

He also toyed with prostie Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8 , repaying her with Best Actress (though there were other factors involved in her bizarrely winning that honor).

He was fascinated with spinsterish Geraldine Page in Summer and Smoke, in which he was barely noticed, though she nabbed an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe award.

And as one of Darling‘s darlings, Harvey helped guide Julie Christie — as a climber who was sort of the female version of his Room at the Top character — to a richly deserved Academy Award.

What a co-star! And I bet he even threw in some romance for these ladies because, after all, he only seemed gay.

Laurence Harvey was invaluable. If he was still around, there’d be a lot more women winning Oscars!