The Gosselin Children Might Be a Little Angry, Now That You Ask


Here’s a surprise: When you bring your sextuplets up on a reality TV program in which people stop being polite and start getting real (no, the other one) and, as follows given any success or failure, the covers of the tabloids — which go on to chronicle your rather nasty divorce from your spouse — your kids may not be the most well-adjusted in the schoolyard. Not that we’re blaming Jon and Kate, or anything. More likely, it’s the media’s fault.

Via the New York Post, which cites In Touch, two powerful members of the 6-year-old sextuplet ring known as “The Gosselin Children,” Alexis and Collin, have been expelled from their private Pennsylvania school for fighting, calling names, and making fun of their peers (using “not words they should know” which they are learning somewhere, but not from Jon!).

Still, this sounds rather par for the course for 6-year-olds, or even younger kids, and maybe the school’s the one with the problem?

Some of the kids are also “having rage issues” related to filming their mom’s reality-divorce special, Kate Plus 8. One of them hit a classmate and was suspended.

As to be expected,

Mom Kate Gosselin’s “number one concern is protecting her children and [she] is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids.”

(While also filming her reality TV series, which, by the way, is tanking.)

Okay, really, we just feel bad for those kids. Look how cute they were! Little Gosselins, one word: “emancipation.”