The New York Times Finally Catching on to Secret of Internet Success: Cats


In this trying era of journalism and media, there is only one surefire route to success: Cats. Those mangy scratchanimals have proven to be “content gold,” as some random New Media Guru has surely, at some point, said somewhere. It would look as if the New York Times is finally picking up on this.

Nicholas Wade wrote a piece for this weekend’s Science section entitled For Cats, a Big Gulp With a Touch of the Tongue.

Yes, it is about the way cats drink. The opening:

It has taken four highly qualified engineers and a bunch of integral equations to figure it out, but we now know how cats drink. The answer is: very elegantly, and not at all the way you might suppose.

Lest you be unconvinced the Times isn’t out solving the mysteries of the universe, there is both a chart and a video regarding the matter of cats drinking. This is real:

And yet, their video on cats drinking is not embeddable! They know better than to just make their best stuff ripe for the picking. Why not making a gallery of cute cats drinking, as opposed to just forcing readers to get all caught up in this science “mumbo” “jumbo”?


Incidentally, it’s not like the New York Times doesn’t already know this. See: That time they boiled down the entire internet and net neutrality debate down, in one illustration, to a cat drinking water. Or even that time Times managing editor Jill Abramson indulged her “aww” instinct for an entire New York Times blog about puppies. That’s what we’re really here to see. Cats. Cats drinking water. LET THEM HAVE CATS, New York Times. Them being the internet. Give the people what they want.