Week In Review: We Also Accept Your Future Apology In Advance


In the week we talked about Odd Future, kidnapping and murder, and why we sometimes like the things that repel us, we also saw the group live–alongside every other music critic in the city. They struck a weird balance to the other big rap story of the week, Kanye West, who had first his album leak, then had to suffer Matt Lauer going all Jay Leno on him, and then finally got to return the favor and cancel his scheduled concert with the Today Show. Controversy is wherever you find it, we guess.

When in doubt, make lists: here are the five greatest things Lil B raps over on his new mixtape, Red Flame; five cross-genre covers done in earnest, starring Reba McEntire; the top ten best worst singing rappers; and of course, the top ten songs about that ubiquitous alcoholic beverage, Four Loko.

Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved kept black metal alive at Terminal 5. Katy Perry exploded out of a cake at Roseland Ballroom. Hans-Peter Lindstrøm told us how to make a pop album. DJ Premier explained where rap went wrong and how to fix it. Nick Cave shared the Grinderman lyrics that infuriate his wife the most. And Liz Phair chatted with us about Funstyle, letting go of Guyville, and her experience on Capitol.

Plus new music from Victoire and Lacrymosa, the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” chisled into actual marble, Das Racist calling people white devils (again), a teaser of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and her beef with Lil Kim, Michael Jackson authorial controversy, and Lil Wayne‘s wild post-Rikers weekend. Need something to do this weekend? Consult our guide to the weekend in nightlife, featuring Autobrennt, One Step Beyond, Funk Galaktik, Lindstrom, and more. We’re back on Monday.