General Loko From the Front Lines: New York’s Crusade Against Four Loko Continues


Last weekend we learned that New York state, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, was attempting to ban the caffeinated alcoholic beverage Four Loko by circumventing the FDA and changing the law. Then, in a typically antagonistic move, daring the authorities to touch him, local chef Eddie Huang, a.k.a. General Loko, decided to plan Four Loko Thursdays at his Xiao Ye stoner-chic Chinese food restaurant on the Lower East Side. So, how did it go? Let’s just say the first Four Loko Thursday will also be last.

Huang, writing on his Fresh Off the Boat blog on Saturday morning, filled his fans in about the consequences of Thursday’s festivities, which were reviewed to hilarious effect by the Observer‘s Loko correspondent Nate Freeman.

“Damn…,” wrote Huang. “Last night at 11:30pm, the task force came to Xiao Ye.” The State Liquor Authority informed Huang and his partner that if they continued to sell Four Loko, they will be seeing a lot of raids. The restaurant remains open, but Four Loko Thursday is through:

You know the kid had to duck out cause the block is hot lol. For real, this four loko crackdown is nothin. My grandparents, aunts, uncles fled from China on a boat with a bag of baos and I had to live through kumon math.

Fine, I’m a business… man. SLA, you’re doing your job. You got pressure from Schumer, I get it. All four loko in the house was destroyed on site, it was taken off the menu, and four loko thursdays is cancelled.

Huang goes on to cite the legal precedent for his Four Loko freedoms, including references to Brown v. Board of Education, McCulloch v. Maryland and 2 Live Crew. In conclusion:

Because four loko is well received by ALL, except the SLA and Charles Schumer. I’m joining the tea party because if what they say is true, they would be in favor of the right to independently choose to drink four loko… I think. Really. Are there people blacked out in this photo? Is anyone not having a great fucking time? Is anyone’s face reading: “Please ban this four loko!” No.

Goodnight Four Loko Thursdays… [Fresh Off the Boat]