Twenty Bucks Says the Pope Can’t Even Type


The picture is via BuzzFeed (courtesy of Blogger Chen) because Pope Benedict XVI had a Vatican conference on culture, telling believers that new forms of communication “risk increasing a sense of solitude and disorientation.” So don’t have sex and definitely don’t use condoms! This seems like as a good a time as any to re-read Matt Taibbi’s “The 52 Funniest Things About The Upcoming Death of The Pope.” Sure it’s about a different guy, but remember the top five?

5.According to numerous reports, if the Pope dies at night this time, no one will know what to do. (This is not a joke.)

4.In 1958, reporters paid off Pope Pius XII’s physician to throw open the hospital room window when the Pope died.

3.When a monsignor threw the window open to get some air, the Pope’s death was erroneously reported all over the world.

2.This is what happens when weird old men in dresses communicate with the world with doors and chimneys.

1.Throw a marble at the dead Pope’s head. Bonk!

Oh, lord.