Four Loko Banned in New York


It was too good to be true. We warned you last weekend that Four Loko, the $3 canned, caffeinated beverage that equals something like six beers and a cup of coffee, was in danger of being banned by the state of New York. Just yesterday we had some indication that Senator Chuck Schumer was not kidding around, and was prepared to go around FDA approval for the drink in order to make sure no one in New York is having any fun. Today, it’s looking like a done deal: Four Loko will not be delivered to New York retailers after December 10.

According to the New York Daily News, the State Liquor Authority has strong-armed beer distributors into stopping shipment after November 19, putting the last deliveries to your favorite bodega in early December.

The dual agreements will allow the SLA to fine any shop owners found to be selling Four Loko without proof it was ordered by the deadline, authorities said.

“I hope this will end the sale of this product in the state,” said SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen.

Senator Schumer said this was “a giant step forward in keeping our kids safe from these toxic and dangerous brews,” but wait until he hears about Bud Light Lime.

The Four Loko company can’t really argue. “We think it shows that we are not turning a deaf ear to what’s going on: that a select few have chosen to abuse our products, drink them while underage or break the law and sell them to minors,” said Jaisen Freeman, the co-founder of Phusion Projects, which produces the drink.

Save your quarters and stock up now.

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