More Airport Security Craziness: L.A. Man Questioned on Flight For ‘Atom Bomb’ Tattoo


John Tyner’s soon-to-be viral TSA revolt wasn’t the only airport absurdity of the weekend. Los Angeles food stylist Adam C. Pearson was reported for “suspicious behavior” by a fellow Delta passenger before his plane even left the ground. Pearson was interrogated by the captain and a flight attendant, and ultimately allowed to return to his seat and fly, but the problem was his tattoo: it reads “Atom Bomb,” a childhood nickname.

Just after the ordeal, Pearson tweeted: “Just pulled off delta flight, passenger said I was suspicious looking due to my tattoos @DeltaAssist not happy at all #goldmedallion fail”

“I was just shocked,” Pearson told the LA Times. “All eyes were on me, I felt everyone staring at me and I was like, ‘I didn’t do anything.’ ”

When he landed in Memphis, he had over 150 e-mails asking him what happened, and learned that his Tweet had exploded on the social media venue. It was “reTweeted” by many in L.A.’s close-knit food world, where Pearson is well-known for his stylish presentation of food so that it can be photographed for glossy magazines, advertisements and cookbooks. (It was laughable to many that the colorful Pearson could be considered a safety threat.)

“I had no idea all this was going on while I was in the air,” Pearson said of the digital flurry. “It speaks to the power of social media.”

Pearson says he just wants a public apology and calls the entire situation “a bummer.”

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