Condom Brand to Honor the Fortuitous Birth of Snooki


It’s Snooki’s 23rd birthday next week (my, they grow up fast on beer bongs and UV rays), and to celebrate, she’ll be having an elegant “VIP” fete at Pasha on Saturday night, reports the New York Post. It will be sponsored by LifeStyles condoms because, well, why wouldn’t it be sponsored by LifeStyles condoms? Better condom sponsors than tacky old liquor sponsors!

Via the Post, Snooki “has turned down a lot of liquor sponsors because she doesn’t want her friends to drink cheap booze.” The girl is a class act.

Also, “Snooki is an advocate for safe sex, and so was happy to have them as her party sponsor. They’ll probably have a booth at the party giving out condoms to guests.”

Excellent, if slightly belated. Now, what to give a girl who already has all the plushy slippers she could ever use?