F Train: Now Slightly Less F’ed Up, Officially


We profess a fondness for the F-train, despite its assorted problems. It’s OUR train, and thus, while we can talk shit about it, no one else can. But every train has problems, right? At least the F’s not the G. And, via the latest New York City Transit report, our little F train has finally applied itself and is doing better these days! Aw.

After getting last year’s equivalent of a really shitty report card, including, reports the New York Times, charges that the train was “slow as a snail, prone to delays, and overburdened by a ridership that grew by double digits in the last decade, the much-maligned F was in dire need of a spruce-up, transit officials concluded.”

And now, according to the latest report, the F is shiny, clean, often new, generally pretty much on time, and doesn’t break down quite so much.

In fact,

In September, 82.5 percent of F trains arrived at their destination within five minutes of the scheduled time, a 5 percent improvement from a year earlier.

Turns out, losing the V actually made the F come into its own (something like your older sister finally moving on to college so you can live your own life out from under her omnipotent shadow?). And the M being rerouted means less people transferring at Delancey and Essex Streets, reducing delays that would have otherwise hindered the F.

Not to worry, though…people will be people and New Yorkers will most especially be New Yorkers. Nothing’s perfect, especially where the MTA is concerned. So, keep living and keep bitching. We wouldn’t know you any other way.