Female Happiness Now Going for $24 a Pop


Paul Zak, a researcher at Claremont Graduate University, claims he knows what makes women happy. It’s a natural hormone called oxytocin (also known as the “cuddle hormone,” or, more colloquially, the crack cocaine of nature) that can boost trust and empathetic feelings in both men and women. This is not news, per se…what is news is that your oxytocin boost can be had for just $24.

More specifically: In Zak’s experiment, in which college-age women were given a $24 gift from a stranger, oxytocin levels rose in each of the recipients…in amounts that varied by person, of course — one person’s $24 being another’s “not much”).

But in whatever level the oxytocin went up,

“Women who release more oxytocin are happier,” Zak told the audience at a neuroscience meeting. “They like being around other people more, they have more sex per month, and they have more resilience to adverse events.”

So if $24 makes a woman happy, just imagine what $100 could do! Or, for that matter, a nice meal. Or a subscription to the wine of the month club. Or all of the above. (Hint, hint.)

Zak’s research also shows that oxytocin may relieve stress and anxiety in social settings and “may be more rewarding than cocaine to new mothers.” (By God, we hope so.) It also makes ladies more “empathetic” to PSAs and more likely to donate to causes.

But, male scientists, one tried and true way to make women unhappy is to assume you know what makes them happy. You know how you can make it up to us? Money.

[via NPR]