I’m In the ‘Out 100’


Yes, I’m one of the hundred powerful and compelling LGBTs who made a difference this year, according to Out magazine, and this is great, mainly because I get to go to the party and eat the hors d’oeuvres.

The photo with me and other fabbies was shot as a Studio 54 homage, which is why I look like a delighted little piglet.

Here’s some of what the magazine says:

“You can hardly go out in New York without stumbling into Michael Musto, often on his bicycle.

“He has an oddly shy way of deflecting attention, always in the room, but never entirely part of it. All the better to pen his sly, witty columns for The Village Voice, where his La Dolce Musto column has been the paper’s chief attraction for 25 years.”

Also thrilled is one of the cover subjects, Ricky Martin, who tells the magazine about his coming out:

“I didn’t do it earlier because of fear, and bottom line it was all in my head. I was seduced by fear and I was sabotaging most of my life — my music, my relationships with my friends, with my family, with everybody.

“That’s something I need to share because I know that a lot of people are going through what I went through, no matter what their age, and fear cannot control us.”

That’s why I’ve been trying to say for decades!